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Fireproof and waterproof document box with lock

Fireproof and waterproof document box with lock

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Product Details

Color : Black、Silver
Size : 14.25 * 11.02 * 6.32 inches
Product Features : Waterproof, Fireproof
Application Scenario : Home storage、file storage

Waterproof and safe: the large fireproof document storage bag is made of double-layered, non-itchy silicone coated fibreglass and can withstand temperatures up to 3200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is SGS TEST (UL94 VTM-0 certified). The fireproof bags are not only fireproof but also highly water resistant in case they get wet for any reason. Nothing is completely stupid, but there is always extra protection. A good idea.

Large capacity: the 8" (approx. 20.3 cm) high large fireproof document pouch has a 4-layer design with 8 passport mesh pockets, 16 card slots, 4 USB drive pockets, 10 document compartments and a main pocket (8" (approx. 20.3 cm) high) with plenty of space. It stores your A4 / legal documents, papers, cash, passports, USB sticks, cards, laptops and certificates in a secure and organised way. Perfect for organising your documents and allowing you to quickly find any document you are looking for.

Easy to store and carry: Designed with a sturdy grip handle to easily carry everything you need, two fireproof zips (with branded tamper evident logo) for easy opening and closing of the bag and a high quality combination lock for added storage security, including an instruction manual for the combination lock.

Great for everyday life: If you are worried about your valuable documents being damaged by fire, or if you have a paper clutter, then this will be a great helper to protect your valuable documents. Not only can you keep it in your home, office, car, safe, locker, but you can also take it with you on camping trips, trips and all kinds of outdoor activities. Of course, it also makes a great gift for your family.

Trusted after-sales service: How can we better protect our valuables from fire? JOOFIRE is constantly researching and developing fire-resistant materials and safety technology. We want to provide our customers with only the best products to protect your valuables.
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It’s not just fire that can threaten to damage your home. Whether you live in a flood plain, a hurricane rages through your town, or pipe bursts in your basement, a flood can happen to anyone. And protecting treasured valuables, cherished memories, and important business assets from the devastating effects of both water and fire damage is a top priority for many families. JOOFIRE is proud to offer fire safes with various levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to ensure you have what you need if disaster strikes.

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Is the bag really fireproof?

The bag is fire-resistant, which means that it will provide adequate protection for most fires. Beware of any manufacturers who claim that their bag is "fireproof". There is no such thing. Think about it. Not much will survive an intense multi-hour fire that burns a dwelling to the ground. Thankfully, that is a rare occurrence. The JOOFIRE bag will protect against fire that is contained within a reasonable amount of time. It is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to owning a large, heavy "fireproof" safe, which still might not be 100% fireproof. Joofire company. can not be liable for any losses when using the Joofire bag.

Has the bag been lab tested for fire resistance?

Absolutely! The bag has been tested by an independent lab to two different North American fire standards. All tests passed.

Do you ship worldwide?

Although we can deliver worldwide, if you live in the US or UK, there are our FBA shipping warehouses in those two countries. So you if you are a consumer in that region. Congratulations, you will get to know our products much faster

How quickly will I receive the bag?

Your Joofire will typically ship in 14-20 days or sooner.

What do you charge for shipping?

The shipping is free.