Our original intention

The harm caused by fire is not only for property, but also for the threat to life. In fact, we sometimes fall into a misunderstanding, that is, how to reduce the loss of property and the threat to life when a fire comes. In fact, this question is quite irrelevant compared to the other point of view. There is a saying: Prevention is better than fire fighting, prevention is better than disaster relief!
Instead of caring about what happens after a fire, we should focus more on preventing fires.

To sum up, I don't think people have a good enough understanding of fire prevention. In fact, our company has been doing long-term planning and research in this field. And for such situations, there are also a series of mature products and solutions suitable for different situations.
For example: rfid passport bag, document bag for protecting heritage documents, file boxes, folders, file bags for protecting books, explosion-proof bags for batteries, protective packaging for electric bicycles, drones, etc. to protect important property or documents and other materials Information supporting products

But we understand that we are still not doing enough, this is just a starting point for us. He is only a small step, and we hope to expand this influence to more areas. Strictly speaking, we are not a manufacturer of a single product, but a manufacturer of fireproofing materials. This means that as long as consumers need it, we can make matching products for them. This is only for personal consumption. For customers who need customized solutions such as enterprises or governments, we can have different solutions applied to different scenarios